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Consider Real Estate If You're Looking For an Exciting, Fulfilling Career


Are you interested in an exciting career, where you can meet lots of people, have the potential for high earnings and determine your own career path? Then consider becoming a real estate agent.Here are some guidelines to get you started.


1. Visit several real estate offices and arrange interviews with the brokers -- all real estate salespeople must work under the supervision of a sponsoring broker.

  • Find out what that broker might expect of you as an agent and what you can expect of the broker. 

  • Make sure the broker offers you a supportive business environment.



2. Decide what type of career to pursue in real estate. Just be sure that the brokerage with which you associate offers support for the specialty you choose.

  • Residential sales is the most common specialty and involves working one-on-one with people to help them buy and sell homes.
    Includes various market niches, such as:
    -  helping Ohioans find vacation homes in the Mid-Atlantic states
    -  become the local expert in the condo marke

  • A residential leasing agent helps the owners of apartments, condominiums and houses find tenants. 

  • Commercial sales - helping individuals and companies buy and sell office buildings, industrial facilities, warehouses, store space, apartment complexes, nursing homes and other non-residential buildings

  • Commercial leasing involves finding tenants for various types of non-residential properties

  • Specialize in Corporate re-locations, working in a brokerage or for a relocation company to help transferred employees find homes in one community and sell their homes in another.



3. Find a reputable, high-quality college where you can take the 120 classroom hours required to earn a real estate license.


4. Study to prepare for the real estate license examination.

5. Call the Ohio Division of Real Estate & Professional Licensing at 614/466-4100 to find out about test times, locations and application.


6. Pass your examination and receive your license.


7. Join the highly regarded local, state and national association of REALTORS. Members of the local, state and national associations are the only real estate licensees authorized to call themselves REALTORS and use the widely recognized REALTOR "R" logo on their business cards and other materials. REALTORS agree to abide by a strict Code of Ethics.