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Professional Standards

The Medina County Board of REALTORS® (MCBOR) is a local trade association, chartered by the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR), charged with the responsibility of enforcing standards for professional conduct, or the Code of Ethics, within the board's membership.

Though not a governmental or licensing agency, upon receiving a formal complaint MCBOR may through its Grievance and Professional Standards Committees conduct investigations and hearings involving members to enforce those professional standards.

One type of investigation that may be conducted is called an "Ethics Complaint", which pertains to alleged violations by a member of one or more of the 17 Articles of the Code of Ethics of the National Association of REALTORS®.

The other type of investigation is called a "Request for Arbitration." An arbitration hearing, or the alternative service of mediation, will determine disputes over real estate commissions that arise between REALTORS® and other REALTORS®, or between REALTORS® and their customers or clients.

Any professional standards complaint received, as well as any material related to a complaint received, is considered to be strictly confidential in nature. Both the Grievance and Professional Standards Committees are responsible for ensuring due process is afforded to all parties, whether it be in the conduct of a hearing to enforce the Code of Ethics or in the arbitration of commission disputes arising out of the real estate business.



Complaints and concerns received by the Medina County Board of REALTORS® (MCBOR) come in many different forms. Some complaints received by MCBOR do not allege violation of specific provisions of the Code of Ethics nor relate specifically to conduct governed by the Code of Ethics. Some concerns or questions relate to transactional, technical or procedural matters. Often complaints, whether they specifically reference or relate to the Code of Ethics, or not, may be resolved with enhanced communication and a problem solving approach. These ombudsman procedures are designed to provide such an approach in appropriate circumstances.


Mediation is a useful tool in resolving the conflicts that arise involving Board Members and their clients and customers. Mediation is entirely voluntary and the parties may withdraw from the process at any point prior to reaching an agreement. 



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